From the Booking Desk:

Gwen Florio is a wonderful writer, a fierce advocate for the crime fiction community, and has been a long-time supporter of BOLO Books. We were chatting off-line about something recently when I was inspired to offer her a slot here on the Composite Sketch series. I just knew that her answers were going to be insightful – and I was not wrong. I think you will agree.

Name: Gwen Florio
Location: Missoula, Montana

This person from my personal life is such an inspiration:

This one has to go to both my parents. My father, whose job as a wildlife biologist meant we grew up on a wildlife refuge (that now bears his name), an immersion in nature perfect for a shy and creative child. My mom, who at eighty-six remains an enthusiastic world traveler, once going to the Cook Islands because she was already in Australia and why not take a four-thousand-mile side trip? The curiosity she models is a wonderful gift to a writer. Both of them for writing (my dad, a naturalist memoir and magazine articles; my mom, a newspaper column); for banning television and filling our home with books; and for vocally and by their actions decrying all forms of discrimination.

One of the people I admire most in the crime fiction community is:

Ed Aymar. I love to give him a hard time, but the guy has a heart as big as the crime fiction community. He takes the concept of giving back and supersizes it. Somehow I was included in The Thrill Begins (the International Thriller Writers online forum for aspiring and debut crime writers) he runs, and it has been one of the best learning and networking experiences of my writing life. When you’re part of a group of writers that talented, you up your game, stat.  

STALKER ALERT! If this fictional character were real, they would likely need to get a restraining order against me:

So embarrassing because I’ve already revealed myself as a Dana Stabenow fangirl, but I’d love to follow her character Kate Shugak around, mainly because Kate lives and works in Alaska, a place I’ve dreamed of visiting for more or less forever. (I made it as far as Montana, which some Alaskans I know call “Alaska light.”) Kate is kickass – tough and funny. She has an amazing dog and hangs out with the most entertaining group of characters in fiction. Oh, and she has lots of great sex. Who wouldn’t want to be her?

People are always surprised that I am a fan of this individual (singer, actor, or artist):

Hank Williams. When his voice breaks in a song, so does my heart.

My personal catch phrase is (or should be):

You can sleep when you’re dead.