There are so many people in our crime fiction community that do so much for us all. When those people reach out to me asking if I can help with something, the answer is always YES. Case in point, The Malmons – Dan and Kate. They visited the blog when Killing Malmon was released and now they have asked if I would host the cover reveal for the sequel anthology. Like the previous release, proceeds from Revenge of the Widow Malmon will be donated to the MS Society. I hope that you will consider pre-ordering this book once you have taken a look at the cover and the who’s who of crime fiction authors contributing short stories to this collection.

In October 2017, 30 amazing crime and mystery authors joined with us and Down and Out Books to create Killing Malmon; a labor of love that donated 100% of proceeds to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. It was a unique project that had 30 stories featuring the death of one Dan Malmon. Some stories were scary, some were funny. Some were random, and some were even heroic. 

Was it a rewarding creative exercise? Incredibly. People seemed to really like it: the collection was nominated for a Best Anthology Anthony Award, and Hilary Davidson took home the Best Short Story Anthony Award for her contribution.

So. What happens next? Let’s find out, shall we?

October 19, 2020, brings the conclusion to the story. Down and Out is again hosting this madness and sending 100% of the proceeds from Revenge of the Widow Malmon to the MS Society. Who’s helping the Widow Malmon get her bloody, bloody revenge? We’ve got:

Jordan Harper

JJ Hensley

Renee Asher Pickup

Matthew FitzSimmons

Libby Cudmore

S.A. Cosby

Sean Chercover

Jennifer Hillier

Joe Clifford

Nikki Dolson

Shaun Harris

E.A. Aymar

Eryk Pruitt

Matthew Iden

Aimee Hix

15 of today’s best and brightest in the world of crime fiction leave it all on the page, as the Widow shoots, stabs, poisons, and ignites her vengeance on a world that has done her wrong. Not only does the collection have a stellar line up of writers, but the cover is fantastic original art created by Minnesota artist Brent Schoonover. 

Sounds like fun.

See you all in October!

Dan and Kate Malmon