From the Booking Desk:

Everyone knows how supportive I have been of Agora and their mission to bring more diversity to the crime fiction genre. It is my hope that with the world in crisis, people are realizing just how interconnected we all are, how we are all just humans with the same struggles, the same hopes and desires, and the same indomitable spirit. We will get through these tough times and be better for it on the flip side. Maybe someday dedicated imprints will not be necessary, but until then these fine folks continue to bring us excellent work from under-heard voices. Come September, we will all be introduced to Andrea J. Johnson with the release of her debut thriller, Poetic Justice. Here is a look at the cover and just a bit about this novel. Add it to your lists now.

Jacket Copy:

A riveting debut thriller by Andrea J. Johnson, and the first in the VICTORIA JUSTICE series.

Twenty-five year old Victoria Justice has never really gotten over a near drowning at the hands of a high school bully, but has attempted to build her confidence and career as a court stenographer under the mentorship of The Honorable Frederica Scott Wannamaker, the county’s first African-American Superior Court judge.

But when her old nemesis appears on the court docket, Victoria’s carefully crafted world implodes―evidence goes missing, a potential mistrial abounds, and the judge winds up drowned in the courthouse bathroom. Victoria realizes her transcript of the proceedings unlocks everyone’s secrets…including the murderer’s.

Plagued with guilt for failing to protect her mentor, Victoria teams up with Ashton North, the handsome state trooper accused of mishandling trial evidence, and starts to untangle the conspiracy surrounding the case.

Meanwhile, the deputy attorney general hangs himself during the Post-Election Festival. Everyone is quick to accept his suicide note as a sign of guilt, but Victoria is convinced the truth behind her mentor’s death lies in the trial transcript. Can she suppress her fears long enough to crack the code, find her voice, and avoid the crosshairs of the killer?

Available September 29, 2020

Pre-order Link: Poetic Justice by Andrea J. Johnson