From the Booking Desk:

This past weekend at the Malice Domestic crime fiction convention, I was honored to be the Amelia Award Honoree. At the banquet I gave a speech from my heart which seems to have resonated with the assembled crowd–calling for more acceptance of diversity and the strong need to fight back against book banning. The award itself is a Teapot and Cup combo that is intended to call to mind the Egyptian pyramids as an homage to Amelia Peabody (the great character created by Elizabeth Peters).

At the same banquet, I was shocked with Dru Ann Love and I were awarded the Agatha Award for Best Short Story. Our first collaboration–and the first published short story for both of us–was so warmly embraced by the Malice Domestic Community. I can’t begin to tell you how shocked (and thrilled) both myself and Dru Ann were with this win. Yes, there were lots of tears!

Definitely a weekend to remember. These types of once-in-a-lifetime moments are rare and I am so blessed!