Countdown to Bouchercon – The BOLO Books Advice Column

From the Booking Desk: Last year, I created a series of four blog posts which offered advice to the attendees of Bouchercon (and really any book conference). I did it as a way of putting my own thoughts down on … Continue reading

Countdown to Bouchercon 4

From the Booking Desk: Thank you for stopping by for the final post in my Countdown to Bouchercon series. Today, I want to discuss panels. Just some simple advice for moderators, panelists and audience members. If you missed any of … Continue reading

Countdown to Bouchercon 3

From the Booking Desk: It is hard to believe that this year’s Bouchercon conference is so quickly approaching. If you follow BOLO Books, you have no doubt seen the earlier parts of this series:Countdown to Bouchercon 1 and Countdown to Bouchercon … Continue reading

Countdown to Bouchercon 2

From the Booking Desk: This is Part Two in a four-part series of blog posts leading up to Bouchercon. Follow this link to Part One in the series: Countdown to Bouchercon. In this new post, we are going to discuss … Continue reading

Countdown to Bouchercon

From The Booking Desk: This is the first of four blog posts I’m calling Countdown to Bouchercon.

Ricochet – September and October 2015

From The Booking Desk: It has been a busy two months here at BOLO Books. With the fall publishing schedules and Bouchercon, there were times when it was difficult to keep up. It’s just possible that you might have missed … Continue reading