From the Booking Desk:

This is the eighth post for this feature here at BOLO Books – The APB (All Points Bulletin).

As always, competition for these slots was tough. Which books are generating that elusive buzz in the publishing industry? Which are books that I have been waiting for?

This feature works in conjunction with the weekly BOLO (Be On the Look Out) posts. Both are intended to highlight books that I am excited about in advance of their release date. In the case of the APB, the format is simply to present a gallery featuring the covers, the official release date of each book, and a brief explanation of why I am anticipating the title.

As we get closer to that release date, the BOLO post will give you more detailed information on each title, but in the meantime, feel free to research these titles on your own. And remember to pre-order!

Available July 11 – The name Robotham is more than enough to make this a hotly-anticipated novel. This is a stand-alone and is sure to expand Michael’s popularity. I’m not a huge fan of this cover design, but it’s what is inside that counts.

Available July 11 – Claire Booth’s series debut last year – The Branson Beauty – was such a revelation and I hear that this follow-up is even better. Those who are fans of “local color” in their reading will particularly enjoy this portrait of Missouri.

Available July 18 – Domestic suspense is typically the domain of our female crime writers, so it is particularly nice to see other male writers joining the likes the Harlan Coben and Linwood Barclay in this popular sub-genre.

Available August 1 – A fictionalized look at the Lizzie Borden case, this intimate tale is going to call into question everything you thought you knew about this horrific crime.

Available August 8 – The fourth book in one of my favorite series. You need only look at my review of Land of Shadows, Skies of Ash, and Trail of Echoes to see why this one is on my radar. And look at that gorgeous cover design.

Available August 8 – If you haven’t heard me screaming to the rafters about Kellye Garrett’s hilarious series debut, you haven’t been paying attention. I can’t imagine that this won’t be my favorite debut novel of the year. I still find myself smiling when I think about Dayna and her escapades.

Available August 22 – Here’s another case of an author’s name selling the book. Slaughter never fails to deliver a exciting story with much to think about. This one is a stand-alone that is getting serious pre-pub buzz.

Available September 5 – We Were Liars is one of my all time favorite Young Adult novels, so of course I am eagerly waiting to see what e. lockhart is going to do next. From this title and cover, I don’t think I am going to be disappointed.

Available September 12 – Unlike many other writers of crime fiction, Attica Locke does not pump out a new novel every year. So when it happens, you know it is going to be special. This is the first release since her success with the TV show Empire and appears to be a very personal story for Attica.

Available September 19 – I’ll be reading this one when the UK version comes out earlier in the summer, but I couldn’t not include this title here simply for this cover. No one has ever accused me of not loving orange.