From the Booking Desk:

I was a huge fan of Alan Orloff’s Pray for the Innocent – winner for the 2019 ITW Thriller Award for Best E-Book Original – so when he approached me about hosting the cover reveal for his new novel here on BOLO Books, I was more than happy to oblige. This new book is being released by Down & Out in February 2020. I have a feeling the atmospheric cover and the creepy description will have you adding this one to your reading plans for the new year.


“I know where you play,” rasps an ominous voice on the phone at Jessica Smith’s gym. “I know where you pray,” whispers the same voice at her church. The police are no help, so Jessica, tired of fleeing and unwilling to be cowed into hiding, turns to her last resort—PI Anderson West.

West, with some overzealous help from his loose-cannon sister Carrie, dives into Jessica’s case, pro bono. He unearths a horde of suspicious men in her life—vindictive ex-beaus, squirrelly co-workers, skittish boyfriend wannabes—but are any twisted enough to terrorize Jessica?

After the stalker breaks into Jessica’s bedroom—I know where you sleep—and she goes missing, West must find her before the stalker does. Or before Jessica tries something foolhardy, like facing up to the tenacious bastard on her own, armed only with a handgun and a prayer.

You can find out more about Alan Orloff and his other books on his webpage. The Down & Out Books product page for I Know Where You Sleep can be found here (soon, if not already.)