Time for another entry in this incredibly popular feature here at BOLO Books – The APB (All Points Bulletin).

As always, competition for these slots was tough. Which books are generating that elusive buzz in the publishing industry? Which are books that I personally have been waiting for? As always, I try to keep this a mixture of books from heavy-hitters and those newer to our genre – and across all sub-genres and with some expression of the diversity that exists in our literary community.

For the APB, the format is simply to present a gallery featuring the covers, the official release date of each book, and a brief explanation of why I am anticipating the title.

As we get closer to that release date, the another BOLO post will give you more detailed information on each title, but in the meantime, feel free to research these titles on your own. And remember to pre-order!


Bisexual PI Roxane Weary has quickly become a fan favorite and I know that many are anticipating this fourth novel in the series featuring her. Always one to weave topical social issues into her work, readers won’t be disappointed in Kristen Lepionka’s latest.


Arguably the most hotly-anticipated novel of the season, Shawn Cosby’s latest deserves all the accolades that have been bestowed upon it already. This is an author who writes with the precision of a poet and the heart of a warrior. Expect this book to dominate Best Of and Award Short-lists well into 2021.

July 28

Fans of psychological suspense love nothing more than characters to who lie. By pitting man against woman, Alice Feeney once again proves that she has her finger on the pulse of society and will keep readers turning pages long into the night.


Look, the reality of the matter is that it matters not what Hank Phillippi Ryan is writing about – she never fails to deliver. Here we have another tale in which lies play a central role, but beyond that Ryan takes it to her own unique place, always bringing readers along with her, just maybe not telling them everything they need to know – until that moment when her plot magically coalesces into a devastating picture.


Fans of Karen Dionne’s critically-acclaimed debut, The Marsh King’s Daughter, have waited patiently for her follow-up. The wait is over and Dionne proves that lightning really can strike twice. Readers will not be disappointed.


Julia Heaberlin’s books are always deep character studies wrapped in compelling mysteries. She deserves a wider readership and I hope that this is the novel that will take her to those heights. Here she weaves multiple mysteries across the years into a meditation on beauty.


For the first time in her best-selling series, Louise Penny takes the Gamache family out of Canada. Fans will be excited to know that Reine-Marie takes a larger role in this Paris-set outing that once again includes Penny’s valuable insights into human nature.


Ann Cleeves is another of those writers who has never let me down. It’s been a while since readers visited with Vera Stanhope, so I couldn’t be more excited for this modern take on the isolated country house mystery – this time set around the holidays.


Wendy Walker never writes the same book twice. But one thing readers can always count on with her is a psychologically-astute plot that will travel to unexpected places and will feature strong, modern women at the core.


I’ve been a Rachel Howzell Hall fan since the moment I opened the pages of Land of Shadows. Last year she released her first stand-alone mystery, They All Fall Down, and fans, critics, and award committees took notice. Now she returns with another compelling stand-alone that redefines what readers expect from their crime fiction.